Sightseeing spot

01.CHUO-ALPS – Komagatake

The Komagatake Ropeway can be accessed to Senjojiki Station (altitude 2,612m). Take a walk around Senjojiki curl, or challenge full -scale climbing! There is a spot where you can experience the magnificent Alps nature throughout the year.

1hour by car from Yamairo / 40min by train to JR-Komagane Sta. → 50min by local bus.

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02.KISO-VALLRY (Tsumago / Magome)

Kiso-Valley, where the old road that once connected Edo and Kyoto remains. You can enjoy hike between the old road between Tsumago and Magome. The landscape of both towns is beautiful, and there are plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops. It is a spot where you can experience good old Japan.

1hour by car from Yamairo

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The deep green Tenryu River flows between the steep valley. You can enjoy a stroll, such as a suspension bridge (Tsuji Bridge), a footbath, and a day trip hot spring where you can enjoy a sense of unity with nature. It is also recommended to go down the river with handmade wood boat.

20min by car from Yamairo / 1min by walk from JR-Tenryukyo Sta.

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