A free and colorful life,

like the mountains.

Yawata, Iida, Nagano

Stay in a 200-year-old house.

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The Iida City, located at the southern end of Nagano Prefecture, is a city with a dynamic and rich nature, surrounded by the Central Alps and the Southern Alps, and the Tenryu River. The center of the city where Iida Station is located is on the hill, it is called as “Okano-ue” and you can find your favorite spots, such as apple trees, art museum, zoo,Japanese sweets shops and old cafes. It is also famous that there are so many Yakiniku(BBQ) restaurants, and you can see the people are surrounding the iron plate.


YAMAIRO GUESTHOUSE is located in Yawata-cho, which is close to the “Okano-ue”. The building, which has been standing since the Edo period, was renovated over 7 months and made of wood and soil. The space changes the air a moment you enter, and you feel like a time trip.
The mountains seen from the garden is changing color every moment with the sunshine. Please spend slowly and slowly while feeling the season and time. YAMAIRO GUESHOUSE opens the door and is waiting for you.





Mizuki – OWNER

Hi, I’m the owner of the Yamairo guesthouse. I decided to open my own guesthouse in the future, during stayed in Germany on 2016. After worked at the guesthouse in Tokyo, I opened this guesthouse in my home town Iida City. I’m 36 years old now, the country I want to go now the most is Sri Lanka.

My husband owns a ramen shop in Kamigo Kuroda, a 15-minute drive from Yamairo. He also appears in Yamairo from time to time.